Meet Our Team

Saquib Toor


Pavel Smyschlyaev


Bruce Kohel

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Janson

Vice President of Sales

Brian Wingfield

Vice President of Operations

Marina Gonzalez

Senior Director of HR

Jonathan Wingfield

Director, OEM/Custom Sales

Justin Stetler

Director of Engineering

Nathan Edwards

Director of IT & Brand Management

Rachel Oberhart

Director of Supply Management

Keith Martin

Manager of Quality

JT Hearn

Manager of Maintenance



Provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, vendors and visitors.

customer satisfaction

Embracing Speed and Excellence providing on-time delivery of high quality products and services that exceed the expectations of internal and external customers.


Establish and maintain a culture that promotes respect for all employees, customers, vendors, community and the environment.


Creating an environment where employees, customers and vendors work together to achieve common goals of profitability and exceeding stakeholder expectations.


Performance based on a straight forward approach that encompasses fairness, character, dignity and ethics. Honesty without compromise.

continuous improvement

An organized and relentless approach at analyzing performance, developing and executing on actions that provide improved quality, cost, timing or value.



TPG Plastics LLC has a history of working closely with you to assure success. We want you to feel as though we are an extension of your operations.

We welcome you to our facility, to share tribal knowledge and advance the outsourcing process with great velocity.


Among our numerous core values is a strong commitment to you to meet and exceed all expectations.

Your Satisfaction is an all-encompassing philosophy. We commit to this through daily production meetings to ensure quality, speed, and excellence in performance.

20190828_TPG_OEM_071 1.jpg

We encourage peer to peer relationship development with our Team Members and our customers. You won’t feel disappointed with recorded messages. Our Team Members strive to personally engage with you and respond to your needs quickly, targeting the same day.

We have streamlined internal communications employing SLACK as our asynchronous method of keeping all Team Members informed with up-to-the-minute information, needs and changes.