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Focus on Sustainability - TPG Uses EVOH in Portable Fuel Container Manufacturing

EVOH, or ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, is a material that has been gaining popularity in the manufacture of fuel tanks and, particularly, for portable fuel containers. One of the key benefits of using EVOH in fuel containers is its ability to reduce the emissions of free radicals, which are highly reactive compounds that can contribute to air pollution.

Free radicals are a byproduct from the evaporation or combustion of fuels - they are released into the air. These free radicals can be harmful to both humans and the environment, as they can react with other compounds in the air to form pollutants such as smog and ground-level ozone.

Using EVOH in fuel containers can help to reduce the emission of free radicals in a number of ways. First, EVOH is a very stable material that does not easily break down under heat or pressure. This means that it can help to prevent the release of free radicals from the fuel container itself, as the container is less likely to rupture or leak.

In addition to its stability, EVOH also has the ability to absorb free radicals. When free radicals come into contact with the EVOH material, they are absorbed and neutralized, reducing the overall emission of these harmful compounds.

There are a number of other benefits to using EVOH in the manufacture of fuel containers as well. For example, EVOH is highly resistant to fuel permeation, which means that it can help to prevent fuel from escaping from the tank and contaminating the environment. It is also very lightweight, making it an ideal material for portable fuel containers that need to be carried around.

Overall, the use of EVOH in the manufacture of fuel containers is a promising technology that can help to reduce the emission of harmful free radicals and improve the environmental impact of fuel use. As more and more companies adopt this technology that TPG currently uses, we can expect to see a reduction in air pollution and a cleaner, healthier planet


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