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Technical Manager

Updated: Nov 22

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Improve and adapt the Production Tool

  • Receive and start up new machines and manufacturing molds and/or industrialize new products or new product ranges.

  • Carry out format changes.

  • Advise and coordinate technological development.

  • Analyze and optimize cycle times and technical resources.

  • Manage relationships with partners.

  • Provide technical coordination for product development.

  • Draw Parts

  • Plans analysis, draw in 2D and 3D new machine parts and draw new packaging solutions.

  • Team Management

  • Manage the technical team, train new team members and coordinate team meetings and plan ahead the knowledge transfer.

  • Safety

  • Participate in the risk management, define the safety procedures and in charge of the safety procedures respect on machines.

  • Regulations

  • Responsible to submit and manage the CARB and EPA approvals.

  • Stay up to date with environmental regulations and ensure that all engineering projects and activities adhere to these regulations. This might involve permitting, compliance reporting, and interacting with regulatory bodies.

  • Identify potential environmental risks and develop strategies to mitigate or prevent them.

  • Encourage and support research and development efforts in the field of environmental engineering to find innovative and more sustainable solutions.

  • Guarantee the reliability, performance and evolution of the machines.

  • Carry out a technical watch.

  • Drive the continuous improvement.

  • In charge of the management of the molds (follow up of the history) and the tools allowing the bottles manufacture

  • Participate, implement and monitor the actions plans.

  • Define and manage the budget.


  • Education: Master's degree level

  • 5 years of experience in the industrial field.

  • Knowledge in Mechanical engineering

  • Knowledge of the ISO 9001 certification

  • Proficient with SolidWorks.

  • Know how to read and interpret a map

  • Management experience

  • Process optimization experience

  • Good listening & Good interpersonal skills

  • Good decision maker

  • Result oriented.

  • Customer committed.

Send resume to: (subject "Technical Manager") or Apply online through LinkedIn at

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