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  • Full Range of Services from molded parts to complete assembly.

    • Full Specification compliant services

    • Finished Part Testing

    • Complete Secondary and Part finishing development

  • Part Development input, support and validation

  • Significant Resources in Engineering Support

  • On-Site 3D Part Printing Development for validation

  • 3D Rapid Prototype Part Printing capability, in-house

  • 35+ Year legacy in Custom Blow Molding

  • Solidworks Engineering Software

  • Melt Flow Study Capability to assure compliant resin

  • Low Temperature Drop Impact Testing

  • Drilling, boring and trimming fixtures

  • 6-axis robotic trimming stations

  • Post mold cooling fixtures

  • Compounding capabilities through Alterra Holdings Company ( give it cost effective access to thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and vulcanizate (TPV) technologies


  • ISO 9001/14001 – 2015 Certified / TS 16949 Compliant

  • APQP employed on all new product launches and mold transfers of existing products

  • Level III PPAP Capability

  • Daily Monitored Goal of 100% Specification Compliance

  • Real Time Data Acquisition at each press permits LIVE In-Plant and Remote Monitoring of Rejects/Non-Compliance

  • Production Parts are subjected to hourly inspections or greater frequency by customer call-outs

  • Strategies for continuous improvement are continually monitored for effectiveness

  • Product Traceability

  • Equipment monitors quality at the source including automated weighing and vision inspection systems

  • Pressure Decay / Leak Testing / Microscopic Part Analysis

  • Part Specific Quality Plans as required by each individual Customer

  • 8D and 5WHY Resolution Controls

  • Wall thickness, Gravimetric, Moisture Analysis and Impact Testing

  • The goal of our Quality Group is that our customers expect receive zero-defect and 100% on-time product delivery

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  • ERP/MRP System in place allows for company wide visibility of departmental functionality

  • The Ability to monitor real time data throughout all departments

  • Prudent “Hands-on” management through accurate and immediate data drives the organization to excellence

  • Excellent vision and communication with our customer community to guide decision making


  • 11 Blow Molding Presses

  • Head Capability from 10 lbs. to 75 lbs.

  • Part Weight Range of 1 lb. to 25 lbs.

  • A variety of single and twin head configurations

  • New, All Electric. High Efficiency, High Speed, State of the Art Multi-layer Presses

  • Full Support capabilities in Secondaries, Fixturing, Testing and Process Developments



  • Robotics

  • Secondary assembling

  • Leak Testing

  • Dimensional validation

  • Deburring, finishing, debris removal

  • Full Support capabilities in Secondaries, Fixturing, Testing and Process Developments

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