The Garage BOSS 5 Gallon Water Jug is the perfect solution for transporting or storing water for camping or picnics or keeping around the house for all of your lawn and gardening needs.


The ergonomically friendly dual handle design and easy pour spout, make handling even a full water jug as easy as possible.

GarageBOSS™ 5 Gallon Water Container

SKU: 060534103592
    • Smart-Fill Spout with Twist-Anchor-Push operation keeps fuel and fumes contained.
    • Illustrated instructions on container as well as link to online video instructions.
    • EPA and CARB Compliant design. Available in all 50 states.
    • Dust cap keeps dirt and dust out.
    • Fits most Briggs & Stratton and Wedco Fuel Containers.

    Container Made in the USA, Spout Made in Canada.